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Flex PCB Capacity

Flex PCB  (Enquiry pls send to [email protected] )

Rayming improve flex PCB capability to 12 layer board,rigid-flex pcb to 2-18layer .

LayerFlex board: 1-12Layers
Flex-Rigid Board: 2-18Layers
MaterialPI, PET, PEN, FR-4,dupont
Final ThicknessFlex board: 0.002″ – 0.1″ (0.05-2.5mm)
Flex-rigid board: 0.0024″ – 0.16″ (0.06-4.0mm)
Surface TreatmentLead-free: ENG Gold; OSPImmersion silver, Immersion Tin
Max / Min Board SizeMin: 0.2″x0.3″  Max: 20.5″x13″
Min Trace
Width / Min Clearance
Inner: 0.5oz: 4/4mil  Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4/4mil
1oz: 5/5mil               1oz: 5/5mil
2oz: 5/7mil               2oz: 5/7mil
Min Hole RingInner: 0.5oz: 4mil     Outer: 1/3oz-0.5oz: 4mil
1oz: 5mil                  1oz: 5mil
2oz: 7mil                  2oz: 7mil
Copper Thickness1/3oz – 2oz
Max / Min Insulation Thickness2mil/0.5mil (50um/12.7um)
Min Hole Size and ToleranceMin hole: 8mil
Tolerance: PTH±3mil, NPTH±2mil
Min Slot24mil x 35mil (0.6×0.9mm)
Solder Mask Alignment Tolerance±3mil
Silkscreen Alignment Tolerance±6mil
Silkscreen Line Width5mil
Gold PlatingNickel: 100u” – 200u”Gold: 1u”-4u”
Immersion Nickel / GoldNickel: 100u” – 200u”Gold: 1u”-5u”
Immersion SilverSilver: 6u” – 12u”
OSPFilm: 8u” – 20u”
Test VoltageTesting Fixture: 50-300V
Profile Tolerance of PunchAccurate mould: ±2mil 
Ordinary mould: ±4mil
Knife mould: ±8mil
Hand-Cut: ±15mil

you can know more about rigid-pcb-capacity,  Any flexible PCB manufacturing ,design question, send email to us.

Rayming invest on rigid PCB manufacturing capability research every year, We improve our mass production to 18 layer pcb, and prototype rigid pcb manufacturing to 56 layer PCB. If you are R&D department,We would like to accept any kinds of challenge .

Layers1-18 Layers PCB1-56 Layers PCB
Max. Panel Size600*770mm( 23.62″*30.31″)600*770mm(23.62″*30.31″) 500*1200mm(19.69″*47.24″)
Max.Board Thickness8.5mm8.5mm
Min. Board Thickness2L:0.3mm2L:0.1mm
Min Inner Layer Clearance3mil3mil
Min Line width3/3 mil3/3 mil
Min Line space3/3 mil3/3 mil
Min.Hole Size0.1mm0.1mm
Min plated hole thickness25um25um
Min Blind/Buried hole size0.1mm0.1mm(1-18layers)
PTH Dia. Tolerance±0.076mm(±3mil)±0.076mm(±3mil)
Non PTH Dia. Tolerance±0.05mm(±2mil)±0.05mm(±2mil)
Hole Position Deviation±0.05mm(±2mil)±0.05mm(±2mil)
Heavy Coppe4OZ/140μm6OZ/175μm
Min S/M Pitch0.1mm (4mil)0.1mm (4mil)
Soldermask colourGreen,black,Blue,White,Yellow,RedGreen,black,Blue,White,Yellow,Red
Silkscreen colourWhite,Yellow,Red,BlackWhite,Yellow,Red,Black
OutlineRouting,V-Groove, Beveling punchRouting,V-Groove, Beveling punch
Outline Tolerance±0.15mm ±6mil±0.15mm (±6mil)
Peelable maskTop,bottom,double sidedTop,bottom,double sided
Controlled Impedance+/- 10%+/- 7%
Insulation Resistance1×1012Ω(Normal)1×1012Ω(Normal)
Through Hole Resistance<300Ω(Normal)<300Ω(Normal)
Thermal Shock3×10sec@288℃3×10sec@288℃
Warp and Twist≤0.7%≤0.7%
Electric Strength>1.3KV/mm>1.4KV/mm
Peel Strength1.4N/mm1.4N/mm
Solder Mask Abrasion>6H>6H
Test Voltage50-330V50-330V

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Rayming have rich multilayer pcb manufacturing experience from 4 to 40 layers with different material such as metal core,ceremic core ,high speed materials. Email us if need any stack-up suggestions

Min hole:0.15mm line width/space:3mil/3mil Inner/out layer Copper:6oz/10oz Max Thickness: 8.5mm Impedance control

high frequecy pcb manufacturing


With the popularity of 5G technology, the market has a growing demand for high-frequency materials,Rayming stock high frequncy materials for years,  We have delivered lots projects of mircowave or RF pcb design

Material: Most Rogers material is in stock like rogers 4350b ,3003,4003, 5880,some Teflon,taconic,arlon,isola,dupont,nelco  is available,others if you accept delivery time is fine for us to manufacture

flexible pcb manufacturing


Prototype and production flexible and rigid-flex PCB manufacturing services. Get low-to-high volume rigid-flex, and flex PCB quantities manufactured with industry leading quick turnaround times 

Flexible PCBs with 8 layers rigid PCB, Single-Sided Flexible with rigid PCB board up to 6 layer, Double-Sided Flexible PCBs with 4 layer to 12 layer rigid pcb, Multilayer Flexible PCBs with multilayer rigid PCB



HDI PCB are one of the fastest growing technologies in the PCB industry. HDI stands for High Density Interconnector.HDI PCB manufacturing is a precise job with Blind or/with buried hole should control.

RayMing HDI PCB Structures: 1.  1+N+1 – PCBs contain 1 “build-up” of high-density interconnection layers. 2.  i+N+i (i≥2) – PCBs contain 2 or more “build-up” of high density interconnection layers. Microvias on different layers can be staggered or stacked.